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In 2016, Lydotta Taylor was named one of WV's Wonder Women. Today, she uses her rich experiences and professional background to provide engaging and innovative programming for national clients. Lydotta remains true to her first passion - teaching. Her classroom's just gotten a little bigger.

Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

Leadership Development

Change Management

Organization Culture

Succession Planning

Executive Coaching

Doing ™

Customized Workshops

Remote Work Environments

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Consultation with Lydotta

Chat with Lydotta about your individual or team needs and training opportunities in person or over the phone.


Keynote Speaking

Hire Lydotta to speak at your next event.

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Leadership Training

Let Lydotta L-evate your team through the next level through a discussion of important workplace topics.

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Customize a session with Lydotta to fit the needs of groups and individuals.


Strategic Planning 

Let Lydotta help you research and develop your goals through facilitation and report development. 


  • C-Suite, Mid-Level Managers

  • Supervisory Management

  • Change Management

  • Cross-Culture

  • Generational Leadership

  • Workforce Development

  • Women


  • Professional and Personal

  • Individual Performance

  • Management Team

  • In-person/Virtual 

  • Customized to Client Needs



  • Research

  • Facilitation

  • Customized Report Development

Dr. Lydotta Taylor Interview - Entre Ed Talk Podcast
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